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Students seeking recognition from the National Trichology Training Institute (NTTI) must complete the entrance and registration process with NTTI. There are five simple steps. The registration process requires ALL steps to be completed, including the student's submission of the Student Contract Agreement.

Student Registration Process

Prerequisite Requirement for Enrollment
Step 1 Complete Introduction To Trichology Class *
Earn 4 hours CEU Credits or 4 hours toward the certification should you enroll.

Step 2 Verify age and education. Students must be at least 18 years old with an accredited high school diploma or have satisfactorily passed the General Educational Development (GED) exam.
Step 3 Complete the Registration Application
Step 4 Sign the Student Contract
Step 5 Pass an Entrance Exam
Step 6 Complete the Orientation Process


Students must submit an official high school transcript or official GED scores, and college transcripts if they previously attended another college. Official transcripts must have the institution's seal and must be presented in an unopened official envelope from the sending institution. It is the student's responsibility to obtain their transcripts. Transcripts may be delivered or mailed to the National Trichology Training Institute at 9160 Peridot Parkway, Stockbridge, GA 30281.

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Scientific Knowledge & Innovative Study About Hair Loss
Each year, the National Trichology Training Institute (NTTI) certifies clinical practitioners who become leaders in trichology, commonly combating the hair loss epidemic as it relates to health, wellness, sickness and disease. Our trichology program advances careers and takes practitioners leaps beyond the stylist chair.

Trichology is the scientific, biological, health and wellness approach to achieving healthy bodies, ultimately leading to healthy hair. A Clinical Trichologist is defined as a person with paramedical skills and knowledge that properly aid people with scalp disorders and hair loss issues. Join the National Trichology Tranining Institute to achieve your professional credentials.

Trichology Healthcare
A 21st Century Paradigm Shift
In Science, Health and Wellness.

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